Oceanic Datalink Hp Quick Disconnect


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The Oceanic Datalink allows the diver to Quickly Disconnect the High Pressure Hose of any Gauge Console from the High Pressure (HP) Port of the Regulator First Stage. This is ideal for Computer Consoles since tools are not required, one can Quickly-Remove a Gauge allowing you to Safely Store it without worrying it may get damaged when transported in your gear bag. The Quick-Disconnect also gives you several other advantages. You can easily remove the HP Hose when you want to Log-Dives without having to drag your entire regulator with you when you do. It also allows you to pack your computer in Carry-On" Luggage when you travel for Safe Keeping. It is Fast-and-Reliable. The Quick-Disconnect is made from Durable and Corrosion Resistant Chrome Plated Brass. It has a Treaded Connection, is NITROX Ready Out-of-the-Box, comes with Installation Instructions and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Gives the Care and Protection Dive Computer or Gauges Require.
Allows Disconnecting Console from High Pressure (HP) Port.
Safely Store when Transporting To-and-From Dive Site.
Put-In Carry-On" Luggage for Travel.
Easily Unthread HP Hose to Conveniently Log-Dives w/o Complete-Rig.
NITROX Compatible to 40% Out-of-the-Box.

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