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This is one handy item for any diver who needs to inflate inner tubes for a buoy, inflatable buoys with simple stem valves or use for cleaning off sand or dirt before putting items in your vehicle. The Combo Filler has a standard Schrader valve filler for buoy inner tubes, car, bicycle, trailer and any tire using this world wide valve design. The Combo Filler can be handy when doing equipment maintenance when low pressure air is needed to clean dry and clean parts for reassembly or gear preparation for store. Whatever you're needs the Combo Filler makes a great save-a-dive-kit item. 

The Combo Filler is made from durable corrosion resistant chromed brass and rubber. The filler has a rubber tip making the air gun suitable for blowing out HP seats of piston regulators. The filler has a steel ring for attachment to your gear and attaches to a standard LP quick disconnect BCD fitting on your dive regulator. The XS Scuba Combo Filler is designed for low pressure below 200 psi (13.79 bars).

Recommended for a save-a-dive kit.
Easy attachment to standard BC quick-disconnect hose.
One end is a standard tire filler .
Other end is a nozzle for blowing air .
Low pressure only - below 200 psi.

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