Buoyancy control device with an inflatable air bladder that aids to establish neutral buoyancy underwater and positive buoyancy on the surface.

Tusa Active Purge Assist Inflator


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TUSA’s Active Purge Assist system is a revolutionary BCJ accessory technology. This pneumatically assisted purge system and newly designed OPEV (Over Pressure Exhaust Valve) offers significantly enhanced flow rates over a standard inflator system, which allows for immediate purge and inflation response. 

Additionally, the A.P.A. is incredibly streamlined reducing drag and bulkiness. The system is designed for low-maintenance and easy care reducing inflator malfunctions and is standard on select TUSA BCJ’s or available as an add-on replacement accessory.

Revolutionary pneumatic assisted purge system for TUSA BCJ’s
Increased flow rates (inflate/deflate) for better performance over standard inflators
Newly designed OPEV immediately responds to user input
Streamlined design reduces drag and bulkiness
2 mounting positions - Over the shoulder or mount underneath arm
Achieve perfect buoyancy with precise fingertip controls
3 ways to purge a BCJ – APA pneumatic, standard pull dump, exhaust from oral inflator
Designed for low maintenance and easy care decreasing inflator malfunctions
Standard on some TUSA BCJ’s or as add-on accessory
Add TC-753 A.P.A. Mounting Strap for routing underarm

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