Device used by divers to measure dive time and depth, calculate safe ascendancy, and avoid decompression sickness. Other features such as air supply, water temperature, and dive logging are also available.

Sherwood Wisdom 2 Nitrox Computer With Compass And Quick Disconnect Hose Console


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The new Wisdom 2 is a direct reflection of their commitment to this world-renowned reputation They taken their best computer and made it better, stronger and more reliable The Wisdom 2 displays tank pressure on the bottom of the screen in large, easy-to-read numbers Above the tank pressure are displays for dive time, depth, max depth and other data Along the side of the display are bar graphs that give a quick visual reference for nitrogen and oxygen loading New double capacity memory Dive simulator Walk yourself through any dive beforehand, and see your limits without getting wet Repetitive dive planning Use information from previous dives to see limitaions of your next dive Dive log Stores profiles for later recall and viewing Deco calculations Calculates decompression stops to 60 feet Button or water activation You choose Audible and visual alarms Plus seven optional and adjustable choices HydrowGlow Screen illumination, with large screen and numrerals for easy reading Air, nitrox, or gauge modes 21% to 50% FO2 N2 and O2 ansorption bar graphs for instant recognition Time to fly/desaturation timers Automatic altitude adjusment to 14,000 feet Date and time-of-day records User replaceable battery Extended life battery and low battery indicator Adjustable data sampling rate This air-integrated beauty gives you full-function air and nitrox capabilities and is the answer to safer more enjoyable diving for new divers and pros alike. Wisdom lets you know just where you stand. Measuring dive time, depth and air supply, it uses a reliable, time-proven algorithm to calculate and display remaining dive time based on established limits for nitrogen tension, oxygen exposure or cylinder pressure. It is exceptionally dependable. Wisdom gives you unprecedented options - seven in all - for setting reminders/alarms for depth limits, decompression status, oxygen status (PO2),ascent rate and remaining breathing time. This is in addition to alarms already in the computer

Sherwood Wisdom 2 Air Integrated Scuba Dive Diving Nitrox Computer
Wisdom 2 scores High in Ergonomic Performance Testing
"Wisdom 2 combines a sleek console and a monster display"
At Sherwood Scuba their reputation is built on rugged reliability

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