Device used by divers to measure dive time and depth, calculate safe ascendancy, and avoid decompression sickness. Other features such as air supply, water temperature, and dive logging are also available.

Suunto Vyper Air Dive Computer With LED Transmitter


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The Suunto Vyper Air includes wireless air integration and a technologically advanced electronic 3D compass. With wireless air integration, the Suunto Vyper Air allows divers to monitor tank pressure and air consumption from the computer on your wrist. The Vyper Air?s new electronic 3D compass has user adjustable time out and offers divers the unique ability to tilt the compass up to 45 degrees in any direction without impairing the ability to read figures clearly and accurately.

Electronic 3D compass (user-adjustable time out)
It`s a watch and a full Function Dive Computer
Hoseless air / nitrox integrated technology
Air, Nitrox and Gauge Modes
Electroluminescent illumination (backlight)

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