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Device used by divers to measure dive time and depth, calculate safe ascendancy, and avoid decompression sickness. Other features such as air supply, water temperature, and dive logging are also available.

Sherwood Wisdom 3 QD Hose Compass Dive Computer


    The new Wisdom 3 is a direct reflection of Sherwood's commitment to their world-renowned reputation, taking their best computer and making it better, stronger and more reliable.

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    Sherwood Wisdom 3: Wisdom 3 Dive Computer in White w/ Compass, QD, Bag and Download Cable At Sherwood Scuba our reputation is built on rugged reliability. The new Wisdom 3 is a direct reflection of our commitment to this world-renowned reputation. We`ve taken our best computer and made it better, stronger and more reliable.

    The Wisdom 3 displays tank pressure on the bottom of the screen in large, easy-to-read numbers. Above the tank pressure are displays for dive time, depth, max depth and other data. Along the side of the display are bar graphs that give a quick visual reference for nitrogen and oxygen loading.

    When I think of dive computers, the first thing I factor in is how lazy I am. These days I dive to relax. Calm water. Nice day. Colorful fishies. I’m there. If a gentle breeze blows a ripple across the water’s surface, it’s too rough for me to make a beach entry. I figure in a little over 30 years in our sport, I’ve earned the right to be picky and lazy.
    So when I choose a dive computer I want it to give me what I need to know without any effort what so ever. How much air do I have left, how deep am I right now, and how long until I have to get out of the water? The Wisdom dive computer gives me this info in LARGE, BOLD NUMBERS. Even if I’d not been in the water in awhile they are so blatantly situated on the main screen of the computer that you can’t possibly have trouble finding them. Add to that the color coded bar graphs backing up that information, indicating your nitrogen/oxygen loading and your ascent rate, both situated in easy to see spots around the perimeter of the computer and you have the ultimate lazy diver’s dive computer.
    Every other feature you desire in a high-end dive computer is there as well. Log book will track up to 50 dives. It’s PC downloadable, back lit, and very simple to program. There’s quite a list of things you can program to customize the computer to yourself as well. Low tank pressure alarm, turn around gas pressure alarm, depth alarm, ascent rate alarm are all very easy to set. And of course, my favorite. No alarms at all. You can set the sampling rate of the unit (a faster sampling rate tends to eat more memory space, giving you fewer dives logged), metric or imperial readings and your gas mixtures with equal ease. It comes in a variety of configurations as well; with a compass, with a quick disconnect, with both the compass and quick disconnect or just as the computer and the hose alone!
    All in all, this computer has all the bells and whistles the sport diver would ever need!

    Expanded memory for dive profiles - access to up to 110 dives.
    Deep stop reminder – conforms to latest theories recommending deep stops for dives that exceed 80 feet.
    Intuitive 2-button operation.
    Air integrated feature – Display air supply remaining (PSI or BAR).
    Dive Time Remaining feature – calculates and displays dive time remaining based on current consumption rate or available no deco time remaining.
    Audible and visual alarms – diver selectable.
    DECO warnings and calculations
    Air, Nitrox or Gauge operating modes.
    Metric or Imperial units.
    PC downloadable.
    Dive simulator: Walk yourself through any dive beforehand, and see your limits without getting wet.
    Repetitive dive planning: Use information from previous dives to see limitations of your next dive.
    Dive log: Stores profiles for later recall and viewing.
    Deco calculation: Calculates decompression stops to 60 feet.
    Audible and visual alarms. HydroGlow Screen illumination.
    User replaceable battery: Extended life battery and low battery indicator.
    With Quick Disconnect QD , cable and bag.

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