Hollis Prism 2 TEK Rebreather


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Feature1The Prism 2 is a sophisticated electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather providing divers a proven platform to explore the underwater world. Researchers,
Feature2Shoulder mounted counterlungs provide easy breathing with low hydrostatic loading
Feature3Lowest Work of Breathing in industry at 0.94 J/L - Tested at 100M by ANSTI
Feature4Unit weight when fully charged, in standard configuration - approx. 47lbs
Feature53.5 Liter split counterlungs allows inhale and exhale counterlungs for high work loads
Feature6All gas lines external to the breathing loop prevents leaks from affecting the PPO2
Feature7Automatic diluent addition valve adds diluent during descent or when the loop volume is low
Feature8Manual diluent addition valve adds on board or off board diluent for loop flushing
Feature9High performance open circuit Bail Out Valve option

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