Pressure regulator that reduces pressurized breathing gas to ambiet pressure, and delivers it to the diver.

Scubapro R195 Octopus

Manufacturer Reference / Part No.: 11.331.200


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HIGH-VIZ BACKUP BREATHER Ready when you need it, this octo reg is easy to use and easy to see in virtually all water conditions. When you need a safe second you tend to need it quickly, so you better be able to see it, and it better be ready to deliver some air. The R195 OCTO does that and much more. The R195 is a modern second stage design based on SCUBAPRO's time-honored R190 but re-engineered with modern materials. It combines a classic downstream valve with a large diaphragm, functional purge button and VIVA switch for smooth and easy breathing and simple operation. Its robust construction, smooth air delivery and reliability makes the R195 a sensible second stage for new divers and a perfect choice for deco tanks thanks to its reversible hose attachment. The R195 OCTO combines all the features of the standard R195 with a high visibility yellow cover and a 39-inch yellow hose that makes it easy to share with a buddy in need. For new divers as well as veterans looking for an economical backup breather that's simple, dependable and features high visibility, there's no better choice than the R195 OCTO.

Feature1Classic downstream valve comes with a VIVA switch to control free flows.
Feature2Metal valve housing is built rugged and increases overall reliability.
Feature3Yellow super-flow hose is 39 inches long and features an oversized bore to increase airflow.
Feature4Reversible hose attachment makes it easy to use on deco tanks.
Feature5Ultra-comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece is easy to grip yet doesn't inhibit airflow.

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Great secondary

I use this one when I'm working with students. It breaths very well and is easy for them to find. I love this for my teaching gear.

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