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Buoyancy control device with an inflatable air bladder that aids to establish neutral buoyancy underwater and positive buoyancy on the surface.

Scubapro KNIGHTHAWK Back Inflation BCD


Built for serious back-flotation divers looking for a rugged yet bulk-free BC. Nothing offers a better sense of freedom in the water than a back-flotation BC.

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STREAMLINED STABILITY AND COMFORT Built for serious back-flotation divers looking for a rugged yet bulk-free BC. Nothing offers a better sense of freedom in the water than a back-flotation BC. By putting the air cell behind you, the bulkiness in the chest area disappears and hydrodrag is reduced. The result: a completely unencumbered underwater experience that is a joy to behold. The KNIGHTHAWK, SCUBAPRO's ultimate back- flotation BC, delivers this freedom of movement in a rugged, streamlined design that's well-suited to both recreational and technical diving. Strategically placed padding, an adjustable cummerbund and quick-release rotating shoulder buckles (for optimum strap routing) guarantee a comfortable and snug fit. With its contoured hard pack and single-band Super Cinch tank buckle, the KNIGHTHAWK also delivers a stable ride at depth. The integrated weight system is first-rate in both compactness and security. Once clipped in with the oversized buckles, your ballast weights won't be going anywhere unless you want them too, and then it's an easy squeeze-and-pull for the weights to quickly ditch. In spite of its streamlined design the KNIGHTHAWK is able to offer two cargo pockets -- one very roomy zippered roll-out pocket and one compact zippered pocket. There are also four large pre-bent stainless steel D-rings for clipping on additional gear. The KNIGHTHAWK is built robust, it's comfortable and it integrates numerous performance features for easy handling. It's also available in a choice of colors: Black or Brown Camo. Pick your favorite and get ready to soar.

Contoured hard pack and single-band Super Cinch buckle securely lock down the tank.
Back flotation positions the air cell in back, providing exceptional freedom of movement while decreasing hydro-drag by reducing bulk.
Three-dump deflation system lets you to dump air from a variety of underwater positions.
Compression straps rein in the air cell when it is deflated and contribute to optimum volume control.
Dual zippered pockets -- one an expandable rollout -- provide lots of cargo-carrying capability.
Soft neoprene neck roll and padded back pad enhance comfort during long dives.
Padded cummerbund compensates for suit compression, maintaining a snug fit at varying depths.
Quick-release integrated weight system pouches accommodate 10 to 12 pounds each (depending on size) and secure with oversized buckles.
Two rear trim pouches counterbalance the front ballast weight to create a well-balanced swimming position.
Four pre-bent stainless steel D-rings provide convenient clip-on points for additional gear.
Available in five sizes with 33.7lbs/15.4kg to 44.9lbs/20.3kg of lift capacity, depending on size. Click on BC size chart for more details.

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Everyday BCD

With weight integration and a sturdy design this is an awesome everyday use BCD. Its very sturdy and can take a lot of abuse. I have traveled pretty extensively with this one and it has failed to disappoint.

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