Device used by divers to measure dive time and depth, calculate safe ascendancy, and avoid decompression sickness. Other features such as air supply, water temperature, and dive logging are also available.

Scubapro Aladin Tec 3H Dive Computer Console


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COMPACT COMPUTER COMBO Advanced dive computer adds a pressure gauge to create an ultra-convenient instrument for divers of all skill levels. The new ALADIN TEC 3H is targeted to avid recreational divers who want a compact dive computer/SPG combination. Featuring a metallic faceplate and easy-to-read display, the ALADIN TEC 3H offers integrated pressure data, eliminating the need to carry a separate submersible pressure gauge. This makes for an ultra-compact, user-friendly, hose-attached dive computer. The ALADIN TEC 3H comes with SCUBAPRO's time-proven Uwatec ZHL8 ADT MB algorithm and Predictive Multi-Gas. You can program three gas mixes from 21 to 100 percent 02, the PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) system calculates safe ascents, and the three-color nitrogen loading bar graph makes it easy to track tissue loading. Microbubble technology lets you adjust the level of conservatism to suit your personal diving style. It offers two operating modes -- Scuba and Gauge -- plus supports CCR systems. Depth-rated to 394ft/120m, you also get audible and visual alarms, a planner, and a logbook that can be uploaded to a PC or Mac via an optional infrared interface. The battery is good for 200 to 300 dives and is user replaceable. The ALADIN TEC 3H is a compact and convenient hose-attached dive computer, perfect for divers looking to streamline their rigs. It can be used as a stand-alone or set in a traditional console with a compass.

Integrated pressure data eliminates the need for a pressure gauge.
Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL8 ADT MB algorithm accommodates three gases (21-100% O2).
PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) calculates an intermediate stop based on N2 loading, current and previous dives and breathing mixes for safer diving.
Microbubble levels let you adjust the level of conservatism in the algorithm to match your experience level, age and physical conditioning.
Available as a stand-alone computer or set in a traditional console with a compass.
Features a protective boot covering the metal connection between HP hose and DC's HP sensor.
Supports CCR systems (closed circuit rebreather).
Two black plastic buttons provide easy access to modes and the set-up of basic parameters.
Three-color nitrogen tissue loading bar graph makes it easy to monitor N2 status.
Active back light.
Bookmark function.
Lens protection cap.
CR2450 user replaceable battery rated for two years/300 dives.
Dive logs can be stored and analyzed with a PC/Mac via Infrared technology.

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