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DiveThings lets you sell dive gear quickly and easily

You want to get your stuff in front of every diver in the world right? Let’s make that happen!

The largest database of dive equipment in the world

Constantly updated with the most cutting edge tech out there

Everything we do is from the diver’s perspective

We’re with you every step of the way, protecting our buyers & sellers from fraudulent listings & purchases

Selling on DiveThings is super easy!

List Your Item
First tell us what you want to sell, we’ll even help you price your item.

Get Paid Quickly
When your item sells, you’ll be paid as soon as you ship the item.

Ship Your Item
Pack your item, ship it with tracking and you’re all done!

We built DiveThings to help your dive shop!
For Divers By Divers.

Running a dive shop for 30 years has taught us a lot about what shops like yours need. We’re here for you, whether you just need a free online store or want us to do a full consultation on how your online business can support your brick and mortar store.

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We have the lowest fees anywhere

Listing products on DiveThings is completely free.
You only pay after your gear sells and our fees are the lowest around.
We’ll even refund our share of the fee if your customer makes a return.

Listing Fees


FREE Online Store!
NO Risk!

Fees on Sales

DiveThings Fee
per item


Payment Processing
2.9 + $0.30%
per transaction

PROTECTION From Chargebacks!
SECURE Payment Processing!
EASY Online Refunds!

Here are some common questions

How long does it take to start selling on DiveThings?
We can get your store up and running in minutes. Once you click the link to open your shop you’ll set up your seller account, payment info and be ready to add products to your online store.

How much does DiveThings cost?
DiveThings is 100% free to sign up for and sell on. Once you make a sale we take a 5% fee on the total order value including shipping.

Is it really that simple?

How do I get paid?
As soon as you ship an order, you will receive full payment minus the small DiveThings sales fee of 5%.

How do I get paid?
DiveThings secure payment platform lets you accept a wide variety of payments including credit and debit cards & PayPal. Funds from your sales are deposited directly in your bank account as soon as you ship an order.

What can I sell on DiveThings?
You can sell anything that DiveThings lists in its extensive catalogue of dive gear. Later this year you’ll be able to add any gear you like, including customized packages.

Who handles shipping and returns?
DiveThings is a marketplace that brings independent buyers and sellers together so we don’t set policies for shipping and returns. DiveThings does require that as a seller you honor any policy you advertise on our site.

Selling on DiveThings is super easy!

Our all-star customer support team is always happy to help!

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