Scubapro Twin Jet Max Split Blade Open Heel Diving Fins


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MAX OUT ON PROPULSION Split fin performance with a slightly stiffer blade for divers who like more feedback in their kicks. A well-designed split fin is fast and maneuverable, enabling you to cover a lot of ground without cramping leg muscles or straining ankles. Less energy expended means less air consumed and less overall fatigue, and that means more fun kicking around under water. The TWIN JET MAX features a dual-compound design that offers a slightly stiffer blade with a little more feedback than what you might expect in a flexier fin. Employing what's known as "propeller technology," the distinctive split hydrofoil shape of the TWIN JET MAX blade allows water to flow between and around each of the twin blades, which flex independently to produce propulsion in much the same manner as a propeller. These blades are also angled to provide symmetrical power on both up and down strokes, creating a smooth and stable kicking motion that gets you moving without wearing you out. On the TWIN JET MAX semi-rigid side rails enhance stability, vents located between foot pocket and blade reduce drag, and the ultra soft foot pocket offers lots of comfort. An extended soleplate provides additional leverage to improve the transfer of power from foot to fin. The TWIN JET MAX delivers a pleasing kicking motion with minimum leg and ankle stress. Divers who like a slightly stiffer blade with a bit more feedback to their kick, and who appreciate solid propulsion and excellent maneuverability, will love the kicking performance and comfort of the TWIN JET MAX.

Semi rigid side rails for blade stability throughout kick
Bio-engineered soft foot pocket for seemless energy transfer
Vented area for hydrodynamic superior flow during upstroke.
Bi-material blade for ideal blending of flex and performance
Quick release easy adjust buckles
Proven patented split-fin technology

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Love these Fins!

I love these fins! I bought my first pair for my open water class and have absolutely no complaints about them! Great on a drift or in high current. I have since bought a second pair in a more visible color as I have started teaching classes and the white ones are super visible in Texas lakes (1 to 15 foot viz) Love the spring strap that comes with these fins. By the time you customize any other fin to be like this one you have spend way more than it would cost you to get these to begin with!!

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