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Scubapro Men's Pyroflex 1.5mm Steamer Wetsuit


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It's a revolution in first layer and tropical thermal protection. When it comes to thermal protection, nothing beats neoprene. And when it comes to delivering maximum stretch and comfort, once again, neoprene eclipses all other materials. The new PYROFLEX 1.5MM STEAMER takes this to heart. Built from100 percent pure Everflex neoprene made from an exclusive formula called X-Foam, the PYROFLEX 1.5MM STEAMER is light in weight, very durable, and most importantly, it is a highly efficient insulator for better heat retention. Backing up this quality neoprene is an inner layer made from a combination of high tech fleece and plush. These exterior and interior materials work together to deliver outstanding thermal protection, plus they are super comfortable and dry quickly. The result is the ultimate in thermal protection for tropical diving, snorkeling, or pool training. Remember, neoprene provides divers and snorkelers with genuine thermal protection, while garments made from other fabrics or material blends simply do not. The PYROFLEX 1.5MM STEAMER doesn't just provide protection from scrapes and stings, it provides bona fide thermal protection. And that's the most important type of protection a diver or snorkeler can have when spending long periods of time in the water.

Quality exterior Everflex is an X-Foam neoprene formulation, which is lightweight, durable and a highly efficient insulator for heat retention.
High-tech plush and fleece interior linings reduce water flow and provide extra warmth.
Water blocking design features reduce convection.
Provides insulation under water as well as at the surface.
A slightly higher neck collar delivers maximum comfort from BC chafing.
Thumb loops and heel stirrups avoid ride-up when the steamer is used as an under layer.
Premium YKK front zipper makes easy work of donning and doffing.
Available in 6 mens and 5 womens sizes. Click on size chart for more details.
PETROLEUM FREE made from limestone neoprene.
ONLY FORMULA WHICH COMPLIES TO P.A.H. TESTS ensuring fewer pollutants.
LIGHTER WEIGHT for travel and comfort.
GREATER ELASTICITY increases comfort and mobility.
HIGHER INSULATION EFFICIENCY for better heat retention.
VERY DURABLE for years of diving adventures.

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