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Scubapro Kid's Rebel Steamer 2.5mm Wetsuit


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This well-cut steamer is offered in a 2.5mm thickness for maximum comfort and protection when diving in warm waters. The soft neoprene is made from X-Foam, a neoprene formulation that is non-toxic. Itユs the only neoprene formulation that complies with the very strict P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) test requirements.

Diagonal back zipper and long ankle zippers make the suit extremely easy to don and doff.
Plush torso interior is comfortable and contributes to overall thermal protection.
Thinner-skin neoprene on wrists can be rolled up or down depending on arm length.
Short zipper at the neck enhances comfort during surface intervals.
Stretch neoprene side panels increase range of motion.
Reinforced kneepads protect the legs of both suit and diver when kneeling on the bottom.
Available in 4 sizes.
PETROLEUM FREE made from limestone neoprene.
ONLY FORMULA WHICH COMPLIES TO P.A.H. TESTS ensuring fewer pollultants.
LIGHTER WEIGHT for travel and comfort.
GREATER ELASTICITY increases comfort and mobility.
HIGHER INSULATION EFFICIENCY for better heat retention.
VERY DURABLE for years of diving adventures.

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