Aqwary Smart Console Dive Computer Bundle

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Aqwary Smart Console

Divers that are equipped with Smart Console will automatically connect and share information through an underwater network. Have the benefit of knowing the tank pressure and location of your dive buddies.


Smart Console comes with a large display that makes it easy to see the information, even in poor water conditions.


Dive Computer

Smart Console uses the reduced gradient bubble model(RGBM) algorithm by Dr. Wienke to calculate decompression data during the dive. The RGBM model has been correlated and validated in a number of published articles using collected dive profile data. To allow you to get the most out of your dive the Smart Console can be configured for altitude dives, adjusted to your profile and be configured for Nitrox.The Dive computer will display just the information you need and when you need it.


A revolutionary buddy system for scuba divers

Smart Console will point you the direction and the distance to your buddy so you always know where they are. Aqwary brings new ways for scuba divers to communicate and with the MessangerApp for Smart Console, divers will be able to send text messages to each other. Smart Console uses ultrasonic sound to send and receive information with a range up to 100 meters.


Personalized with apps

The Smart Console is not just a dive computer! Just like a smartphone you can expand it by adding apps. You simply go to Aqwary Cloud on the web to find useful and fun apps that will enhance your diving experience. We are constantly working on new apps and adding them to the store. What functionality would you like to add to your dive computer?


Powerful and user-friendly

Use the built in WiFi to backup your dive data, easy to use and no cables. Your dive logs will be on the cloud, accessible from any browser. The Aqwary Smart console uses standard AA batteries and they are replaceable by the user.


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Aqwary Smart Console

With the Aqwary Smart Console it is now easier than ever for divers to connect, and share information about their air supply, location, and more - on a local subaquatic network. Our underwater network is powered by ultrasonic sound, and supports up to 70 divers within 100m range.

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