PowerVision PowerDolphin Wizard


The PowerDolphin is a new lifestyle robot that is not only suitable for water sports, photography, fishing, and other enthusiasts or rescue and scientific researchers, but also provides a new perspective of life to adventurous people

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PowerDolphin offers an intelligent fishing experience, combining the PowerSeeker attachment as a fish finder with ploughshare, helping in the process of finding fish, towing hooks, nesting and general fishing. The remote-controlled PowerDolphin can directly tow hooks and lure fish to the desired location at up to 1,000m, greatly extending the fishing rod’s reach and allowing you to watch and record the entire prey bite process through the 4K camera.

The PowerSeeker intelligent fish finder significantly enhances the ability of finding fish, with its real-time location and direction of fish shoals within 40m underwater, to help anglers accurately determine the best fishing spot and timing. Once the prey successfully bites, PowerDolphin will drag it back to the controller's side, providing a completely new fishing experience, so it’s finally time to bid farewell to fishing rods.

In The Box:


Remote Controller


Bait Box

Intelligent Charger

Intelligent Charger AC Cable

Waterproof Storage Bag

220°dual-joint rotation camera,which captures above and underwater shooting.
The lens is capable of wide-angle shooting up to 132° more can be achieved by rotating to meet the needs of different angles.
PowerDolphin features a stunning 4K UHD Camera with rear-time 1080p live streaming to your phone or tablet device
The PowerSeeker sonar also assists with waypoint mapping. This gives you the ability to make a topographic map of any specific area underwater
PowerDolphin has the ability to mount a bait drop trailer and autofishing device. This allows you to troll any area for fishing and tow your catches back to your exact location.

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