Casio Logosease RG004 Underwater Communicator

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You can speak with your regulator in your mouth!


Underwater 2-way radio Logosease. ADVANCED MODEL


Logosease is an underwater two-way ultrasound wave communicator device, with which you can enjoy conversation whilst scuba diving. Just attach a pocket-sized Logosease to the diving mask of each diver and you can use it easily even with the air regulator in your mouth. 


Not only suitable for advanced divers diving all year around, but also for beginners who take a diving course at a dive school and tourists who experience diving in resorts. We provide the new joy of sharing discoveries and excitement underwater with Logosease.

Logosease is an underwater 2-way radio (transceiver) - talk to your buddy while you dive!This is the advanced 3-channel model with built-in voice recording!
Simply attach the pocket-sized, wireless Logosease to your mask strap.
Built-in bone conduction microphone detects your voice and transmits it by ultrasonic wave.
Receiving Logosease receives the ultrasonic wave and plays the sound via the built-in bone conduction speaker.
Communication range: up to 100m, Max. depth 42M, Continuous working time is 3 hours.
Hands - free operation available
Dive computer support, "whistle" alarm function

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