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You cannot breathe directly out of a scuba tank because of the high pressure. A regulator reduces pressure to safe a level that can be inhaled by the diver. A diving regulator has two parts: the First Stage reduces the tank pressure and connects it to the Second Stage which contains the mouthpiece for breathing

Cressi COMPACT AC2 - Din


This regulator offers extreme lightness, excellent performance, very easy maintenance and affordable purchase price.

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This regulator is made up of the new 2nd stage XS Compact with elastomer cover combined comes with the traditional Cressi AC2 piston 1st stage. Its strengths lie in its extreme lightness, excellent performance, very easy maintenance and affordable purchase price. Suitable for beginners, diving, schools and rental.

1st Stage:
Piston design
1 outlets HP and 4 outlets MP
Brass body Electroless Nickel plated
High capacity conical filter electroless nickel plated
Adjustable without take a part
Stainless steel spring
Flow rate: 2100 l/min
Yoke version weight: 635 gr
Din version weight: 495 gr
2nd Stage:
Downstream system
Adjustable venturi effect
Patented antifriction lever
Big purge button
Anti-scratch surface
Removable exhaust tee without tools
Bayonet-type cap holder with security lock
Weight without hose: 135 gr

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