You cannot breathe directly out of a scuba tank because of the high pressure. A regulator reduces pressure to safe a level that can be inhaled by the diver. A diving regulator has two parts: the First Stage reduces the tank pressure and connects it to the Second Stage which contains the mouthpiece for breathing

Aqua Lung Calypso Regulator


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Aqua Lung is proud to introduce the Fifth-Generation of the popular Calypso Regulator This Simple Design, with its attractive price, makes it a popular choice for Dive Resorts and Rental Programs as well as New Divers The Calypso is Compact, Lightweight and Easy-to-Service It breathes like a regulator that costs much, much more For those in colder climes, you`ll be glad to know that this Work-Horse Regulator is Coldwater Compatible having surpassed the CE norms for Cold Water Use The Calypso First Stage is a Simple Non-Balanced Flow-By Piston Design This In-line, High-Flow Piston Design means Less-Components, Excellent-Reliability and Easy-Maintenance This Simple yet Fail-Safe Design will deliver air even if there is a First Stage Failure The Calypso First Stage is equipped with a Large-Diameter Piston that guarantees a more Stable Intermediate Pressure-Output and 6-Large Holes in the End-Cap results in Easier-Cleaning as well as Better-Thermal Exchange, thus improving the Freezing Resistance Made of Marine Grade Chromed Brass for Durability and Long Life, the Calypso First Stage has 4 Low Pressure Ports 3/8"UNF Thread and 1 High Pressure Port 7/16 UNF Thread The Calypso Regulator is Compatible with Nitrox Mixtures up to 40% O2 Out-of-the-Box The Calypso Second Stage Regulator is a Mid-Size, High Performance, Downstream Demand Valve Design The Second Stage is equipped with an Easy-to-Grip Venturi Knob that Stops unwanted Free-Flow when the Regulator is Out-o

Fifth-Generation of the Popular Calypso Regulator
Simple Design, with Attractive Price!
Popular Choice for Dive Resorts, Rental Programs and New Divers
Compact, Lightweight and Easy-to-Service
Weight 34.24 oz (970.7 g)

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