You cannot breathe directly out of a scuba tank because of the high pressure. A regulator reduces pressure to safe a level that can be inhaled by the diver. A diving regulator has two parts: the First Stage reduces the tank pressure and connects it to the Second Stage which contains the mouthpiece for breathing

Sherwood Brut Pro

Manufacturer Reference / Part No.: SRB9150


The new Sherwood Brut Pro is a completely new designed second stage for better breathing performance, stability, and durability.

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 The Brut Pro is the first Entry Level regulator with a pneumatically balanced 2nd stage.
The Brut is aptly named. It will absolutely do the job for any sport diver, and do it at a fraction of the cost of many high performance regulators. Maybe that`s why rental operators and dive schools make Brut their number-one choice. the dry, positive-pressure first stage resists contaminants and meets the demands of rugged use. Second-stage features include sherwoods exclusive Venturi assist and variable fulcrum encased in a damage-resistant Triax housing for smooth, easy breathing and tough-as-nails dependability.

Pneumatically balanced 2nd stage
Single valve tube construction - The single construction creates a precise channel for the valve to operate.
Co-Molded mouthpiece - The large co-molded mouthpiece uses two different silicone compounds and colors to reduce jaw fatigue.
Tee - shaped design reduces regulator profile when mounted on tank minimizing opportunity to make contact with the back of the head.
Balanced- piston delivers ample air volume at stable intermediate pressure to the second stage over a wide range of supply pressures.
Spring chamber is environmentally sealed to maintain cleanliness reducing the effects of corrosion and contamination.
Dry-sealed first stage uses no liquids or gels that can leak or add to service costs.

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