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Pressure regulator that reduces pressurized breathing gas to ambiet pressure, and delivers it to the diver.

Aqua Lung ABS Octopus

Manufacturer Reference / Part No.: 116920


The new ABS octopus combines excellent breathing performance with the benefits of a low profile body style.

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The ABS Octopus exceeds CE Breathing Requirements for Regulators The Versatile-Design allows Proper Function when Right-Side-Up or Upside-Down The ABS Octopus has a unique 120° Angle between Hose and Mouthpiece: This Aqua Lung Innovation is Ideal for giving your Octopus to a Buddy - will work in either Right-Hand or Left-Hand Positions No more Sharp Bends in the Hose or Upside-Down Octopuses in the Mouth The ABS Octopus comes with a Custom Quick-Release Mounting Clip that keeps the ABS Properly Located on the Body at all times The Octopus comes equipped with a 39" (99 1 cm) Yellow 3/8" Threaded Hose Easily Distinguishes your ABS Hose from your Primary Hose This High Visibility Hose, Accent Cover Ring and Exhaust Grill are Easily Spotted in case of an Out-of-Air Emergency Situation The ABS Octopus weighs approximately 10 9 oz (308 4 g) Regulator is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Excellent Breathing Performance
Low Profile Body Style
Exceeds CE Breathing Requirements for Regulators
Versatile-Design Proper Function when Right-Side-Up or Upside-Down
b Unique 120 Angle Between Hose and Mouthpiece /b Ideal for Giving Octopus to Buddy Works Right-Hand or Left-Hand Positions No Sharp Bends in Hose or Upside-Down Octopuses in Mouth

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Great Octo

I bought this octo for my training gear as I have the Airsource on my travel gear. It was a great purchase! I have no complaints and it breathes really well. It is small and easy stay streamlined. I have noticed that it doesn't freeflow as easily as some of the more traditional octo's.

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