You cannot breathe directly out of a scuba tank because of the high pressure. A regulator reduces pressure to safe a level that can be inhaled by the diver. A diving regulator has two parts: the First Stage reduces the tank pressure and connects it to the Second Stage which contains the mouthpiece for breathing

Dive Rite O2 DECO Regulator, DIN


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    The Dive Rite Oxygen Decompression Regulator is a Compact, Lightweight Option for a Decompression (DECO) Regulator. Assembled in a Clean Room using All-Oxygen Compatible Materials and Lubricants, this Shallow Water DECO Regulator can be used with Higher-Concentrations of Oxygen without the need for Additional-Preparation. The Dive Rite O2 DECO Regulator First Stage is a Dive Rite O2 DECO Regulator Designed Regulator. This simple yet Fail-Safe Design will deliver Gas even if there is a First Stage Failure. Made of Marine Grade Chromed Brass for Durability and Long Life, this Non-Balanced Piston DIN First Stage gives Ideal Performance for a Shallow Water Regulator. An Overpressure Relief Valve (OPV) on the First Stage provides an Additional Margin of Safety in the event of a First Stage Failure. DECO Rigs need to be Compact-and-Easy-to-Handle at a Decompression Stop. To eliminate the Bulkiness" found when using a Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) with High Pressure Hose, a single High Pressure (HP) Port is used for a 1" (2.5cm) Diameter Button Gauge. Rated to 5000 psi in 1000 psi Increments, Button SPG is ideal for use with DECO Bottles when all you need is an indication of Full-or-Empty. Gauge is made from Chrome Plated Brass with a Polycarbonate Face Resists Corrosion and Scratches. The DIN First Stage Regulator has 2-Low Pressure Ports and measures 3.5" x 1.25" (8.9cm x 3.2cm). The XT2 Regulator welcomes a new generation of regulator performance at Dive

    Complete Deco Rig O2 Ready "Out-of-the-Box
    Assembled in Clean Room Using All-Oxygen Compatible Materials and Lubricants
    Shallow Water DECO Regulator for Higher-Concentrations of Oxygen without Additional-Preparation
    Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Clip for Clipping-Off on the DECO Line
    Owners Manual

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