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The Buddy Watcher is an underwater signaling device

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The Buddy Watcher is an underwater signaling device utilizing ultrasound frequencies to set off a vibrating and LED light alert on a corresponding paired unit. This makes silent communication between buddies possible and quite easy. The Buddy Watcher also has the ingenious ability to pair up to several units, if divers so choose, if they want to stay in touch with a dive group.

The Buddy Watcher now has an extra added function making it Master Unit capable. The dive guide, instructor, or dive master can alert all the divers in the group at the same time. Conversely, all the divers in the group can alert the guide. With the Master capability enabled, the diver still has the ability to alert just their buddy.

Distracted by the impressions of the underwater world, you move away from your buddy and in a worst case scenario lose sight of him. Under water the dive buddy can be the best life insurance. Continuous contact to the buddy is an important safety aspect that needs to be seriously considered in sport diving. According to the journal “Divemaster”, 24% of the examined diving accidents can be traced back to the loss of the dive buddy. An alarming 86% of these accidents ended fatally.

The Buddy Watcher is a means of communication that, as a preventative system, helps making sport diving considerably safer. In emergency situations the Buddy Watcher can even save lives. With a simple push of the call button you could possibly prevent an escalating emergency situation.

In the development stage we placed large emphasis on ensuring that our technology does not disturb the ecosystem. The “Buddy-Watcher” operates in a frequency range that does not affect the balance of the underwater world.

Made of break-resistant high grade plastic.
Waterproof to 196 feet
Calling distance 262 feet

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