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Device used by divers to measure dive time and depth, calculate safe ascendancy, and avoid decompression sickness. Other features such as air supply, water temperature, and dive logging are also available.

Oceanic F.11 Free Dive Computer


The Oceanic F11 is a specific free-diving computer, designed by free-divers specifically for free-divers.

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The Oceanic F11 is a specific free-diving computer, designed by free-divers specifically for free-divers.


The Oceanic F11’s Free-Dive Mode main displays features Depth and Elapsed Dive Time with access to either a Pre-Set Countdown Timer or Lap Timer. The Computer displays depth to 500′ (150 meters) with the setting option for automatic back-light upon descent.


Among other features, the F11 Wrist Dive Computer has a Log and History Mode including Total EDT and Number of Dives ever or Daily, Maximum Depth with its EDT, Longest EDT with its Maximum Depth, Average Maximum Depth, EDT, and Total Number of Dives either Total-History or by Day. The Computer can be set for Salt / Fresh Water.

Depth to 150 meters / 500 FT
Option for automatic backlight upon descent
6 depth alarms plus a repeating depth interval alarm
Programmable audible alarm option from 1-8 beeps which can then be repeated up to 3 times
Flashing LED light for visual identification of alarm set points
User defined surface recovery timer, repeating elapsed dive time alarm, repeating depth interval alarm and 3 max depth alarms - with flashing LED and auto-backlight illumination
:01 step profile scroll ミ EDT and Depth
Log and History Mode including total EDT and number of dives ever or daily, Max depth with its EDT,
Longest EDT with its Max Depth, Average Max Depth, EDT, and total number of dives ミ either total history or by day
Digital watch functions including alternate time zone, chronograph, daily alarm, and countdown timer
Optional PC Downloadable with .25/sec second sampling rate
User settable depth activation for shallow water training
User updateable firmware - with optional USB cable
Salt / Fresh Water setting
Repeatable countdown timer for interval training
Stainless Steel keeper and case back
Increased battery life CR2450

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