About Us

What is Divethings about?

Divethings is a one-stop-shop for the diving and surfing community created by its members.  A cutting edge internet company, Divethings is committed to working with local dive shops, manufacturers, and big-box retailers across the USA to provide our customers with the best possible selection of products, travel options, and services available anywhere in the marketplace.

Being divers and surfers ourselves, we understand that we buy for our sport and not just a piece of merchandise. Products are tools helping us to better enjoy our sport affordably, and above all to be safe!

Our mission is to combine the benefits of online shopping like convenience, product selection and price comparison with the advantages of buying from local stores! We need the local stores to stay around to fill our tanks and to provide warranty services and advice.  Local shops are finding it hard to compete. So, we’ve come along to help everybody!

Our site presents products from online retailers, starting with Amazon (so our users have a large selection of products) and local shops too. But, we also help you locate a local shop that carries the same product and we present their promotions to our users. 

Our search feature is unlike anything else out there.  It is powered by human expertise, not just data processing algorithms. Our search engine uses automated and live human expertise to assist our users with product purchases. We have some cool Artificial Intelligence technologies, originally created for military applications, to make this fusion of knowledge and technology possible.

We have an awesome community, which will have more features over time, but right now our users can upload images and videos and socialize with one another.

Our community includes a number of highly experienced instructors and divers, and augments our product search by providing intelligent reviews and community content.

We have just launched our site, it currently shows products from Amazon and the checkout process is through Amazon. Our full site will feature products, services, and promotions from local shops as well.

Our site is ready and secure for shopping and joining our community.

Welcome to Divethings!